Ministering God's grace through God's Word to the Irish Midlands

I’m New Here

If you are new to our services, here are a few things that you can expect.

You can expect people to be friendly and inviting. We are a helpful group of people with a desire to serve others. It is more of a relaxed atmosphere with time for fellowshipping together, having tea and coffee, answering questions, etc.

In most of our meetings we sing one or more hymns (religious songs) together to help get our hearts focused on God.

We then study a specific book of the Bible, topic from the Bible, or learn more about the Bible itself. We use various teaching techniques to help engage people in the study. We are open to questions and comments, and often have discussions in our study time. If a person wants to ask questions privately, we encourage that as well.

We don’t force anyone to believe as we do. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to decide for themselves what they are to believe and practice.

We have Creche and Children’s classes as well. For further information on these, go here.

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