Ministering God's grace through God's Word to the Irish Midlands

About Us

Pastor McKinley and family moved to Mullingar in 2005. They started leafleting and reaching out to people throughout the community. After several months, a couple began to meet with them for Bible study. The small group began to grow over the next months as people were “born-again” and baptised. In 2007, the little Good News Baptist Church had grown so that we needed a place to meet other than in Pastor McKinley’s house. We rented a building on Bishopsgate St, and met there over the next several years. The church saw more people “born-again” and baptised as we grew in this new location. We began to help support other starting churches around the world through their missions program. We started children’s programs, music programs, counseling, and Bible Seminary training. The church has always had the desire to help people know the love and grace of God, and to see similar churches started around the world.

After the economy issues suffered in Ireland, the Good News Baptist Church could no longer sustain the rent of the building. We determined to meet in a house again, and put back money so that we could own our own property and building someday. We continue to meet in a house today. We are still working toward our goal, as we continue to have children’s programs, music programs, counseling, and Bible Seminary training. But the sweetest thing we continue to experience is when someone wants to know more about God, and we have the privilege to open the Bible and show them the love and grace of Jesus Christ. This love and grace is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the “born-again’ experience.

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